Response to Trump’s Executive Memorandum & Call for Volunteers

UPDATE: Response to Trump signing of executive or to push through DAPL and KXL and a call-out for more volunteers for the MHC:

“The Trump administration’s decision to push forward with KXL and DAPL is disheartening but expected in light of the months of militarized oppression that Standing Rock and the NoDAPL movement has faced, even under a progressive president. We will continue to stand with Water Protectors locally and globally in the intersectional fight for our waters, our lands, and our people. The Medic Healer Council remains committed to protecting the protectors. We call on this administration to stop permitting and perpetuating this systemic violence against us and those who stand with us. We call on our relations to join us in our stand with the Water Protectors and against DAPL.”

Linda Black Elk, Ethnobotanist, Matriarch of the MHC


Mitákuyepi! Greetings relatives!

We are excited to announce that we are reopening volunteer applications! We will stand with the water protectors for as long as our presence is needed and are looking for skilled volunteers to help us.

In the coming weeks, we need experienced and trained Street Medics (especially with ALS certification), advanced allopathic care providers (physicians, APRNs, PAs, NDs), skilled mental health and emotional wellbeing practitioners (especially traditional healers and social workers), and body workers (including acupuncturists and chiropractic).

We prioritize indigenous volunteers and those that can stay for an extended period of time. We encourage people of color and especially Two Spirit people to apply. We do not have the capacity to accept all applicants – please do not expect to provide any care in camp without an invitation from our volunteer coordination team.

You can fill out an application here:

Líla wóphila,

Medic Healer Council

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