Thank you for all the amazing support you have shown the Medic & Healer Council!

Greetings relations,

We greet you with heavy hearts, yet with our heads held high. As we all move forward from the destruction of the camps, the Medic and Healer Council is looking forward, and we see much to be hopeful about.

Over the last year of the #NODAPL resistance camps and in the face of historic police violence, our medics and the huge community supporting us has had the humble honor of serving as a safety net for the tens of thousands of people from the hundreds of nations who came to the banks of Mni Sose to pray and lay their bodies and freedom on the line for the water and future generations.

With the evictions of the Oceti, Sicangu, Sacred Stone and Seventh Generation camps, our most acute reasons for existing have come to an end. We continue to muster resources in the four directions to try and help our protectors through efforts such as the “Healing the Waters Within” project.

We also are working to redistribute our remaining supplies to provide support for ongoing indigenous lead resistances and earnest fights to protect the waters across Turtle Island. We will also be investing in the creation of the Mni Wiconi Clinic in Fort Yates to focus on providing integrated care that strives to decolonize medical care as well as provide care with dignity. You can continue to support that project with your donations to ensure that access to decolonized healthcare remains in place for the Standing Rock Reservation community, just as it was provided during the Dakota Access Pipeline resistance encampment by our council.

We thank you for your support and want to assure that as we return to the four directions, we will continue to find our ways to the frontlines to lend our care and support.

#MniWiconi #BlackSnakeKillers #WaterProtectors#FrontlinesAreEverywhere