Preparing for Camp FAQ

What is provided at the camp and what do I need to bring?

Please bring all items that you will need to live in a primitive camping environment in a self-sufficient manner. We have ample space for tents, vehicles, and trailers. There are many port-a-potties on site. Food and water are available but it is encouraged to bring provisions to contribute to the medic/healer community and/or support yourself – our schedules may not align with common meal times, and others may be in need of communal servings. If you have any special dietary needs, we especially recommend that you bring your own food.

There are common use medical tools and supplies but we encourage bringing along what you may require for your personal practice, or supplies to replenish the camp reserves. We recommend bringing your own camping gear and being as self-sufficient as possible, but may be able to support camping infrastructure for the most needed medical positions committing to long-term service.

Solar/wind power is limited so personal solar chargers are a great thing to bring along. Be aware that cell reception is spotty and we don’t currently have wi-fi on site. The casino, which is about 10 miles down the road, has wi-fi and wall plugs. The marina, about 5 miles past the casino, has showers available for campers.


Is it safe to camp?

Absolutely. We have a 24-hour security post at the entrance to the camp. Sacred Stone is a peaceful, prayerful camp, so firearms and weapons are strictly forbidden, as are alcohol and drugs. Despite the lies that sometimes get repeated by the media and law enforcement, no weapons have ever been reported at the camp or at nearby protests. We host many children and elders and do all we can to keep everyone safe.

What about winter camping

Be prepared with subzero clothing and sleeping gear, and a winterized tent. Contact our email address to discuss provisions and infrastructure for winter camping further if you are unfamiliar with this climate.


What are the restrictions on what I can bring to camp?

Alcohol, drugs, and firearms/weapons are not allowed at Sacred Stone Camp or the nearby Oceti Sakowin/Red Warrior camps. You will not be given entry to the camp if you try to bring in such items.


How can I help once I get there?

When you reach security, advise that you are looking for the Medic-Healer Council tent to be directed appropriately. There are many roles to fill beyond medic-healer; be ready to roll your sleeves up if needed. If you have a truck or other vehicle that can haul supplies or wood and are willing to use it to help, please let us know. Camp life accommodates many skill sets, from cooking and chopping wood to media and legal assistance. You can sign also the Pledge of Resistance here.