Medic-Healer Volunteer FAQ


When you arrive at Security, ask to be directed to the medic station at the camp with which you have been coordinated.


Orientation varies by medic station; the Red Warrior Medic Station hosts orientation daily at 1 pm.


Please bring all tools, infrastructure, and supplies you need to perform your services. Some equipment and supplies may be available, but this changes on a daily basis. If your services are requisite to a particular piece of equipment, tools, supplies or space to operate, please contact our Council prior to arriving to ensure we can provide for your needs.

Camp Logistics

Coin laundry, electric wall plugs, and wireless internet are available at the Casino about ten miles from camp. Showers are available at the Marina, about 5 miles past the Casino. Cellular phone service is inconsistent in all areas of the reservation and there is no wireless internet at the camp.


All camp healing areas are several miles from direct action construction sites. No law enforcement or conflict has taken place at the camps, nor is it anticipated.

Positions Needed

Wellness-literate administrative staff to coordinate volunteers, coordinate supply lists, process and distribute donations, etc.

EMT, Paramedics, and Trained First Responders
Massage Therapists
Wellness Practitioners
Acupuncture Physicians
Naturopathic Doctors

* Don’t see your service here? Send us a note on our volunteer form