UPDATE: Two medics arrested at peaceful protest 10/27

Update: Law enforcement are targeting medics. We had two medics arrested and nearly two more arrested.

Medics were at the frontline trying to move their car out as police advanced. Two medics were sitting on the trunk. Police approached and hit them both with batons, knocking them both to the ground. Water Protectors helped those medics before law enforcement could grab them.

In the meantime, police surrounded the CLEARLY LABELED car (big Red Cross in the hood as well as on all medic personnel) and grabbed the driver (one medic) while the car was in motion. The other medic was in front of the car and nearly hit by the car as the police took out the driver medic. This is a clear safety risk that the police caused. Both of those medics were arrested.

We are asking for more help here. Things are more escalated than before. We need you to stand with us, and we need your help financially as we have lost medical supplies and infrastructure in today’s raid.

Please come volunteer with us:

Please send us funds to help replace medical supplies and infrastructure (army tent and possibly a yurt) we are unlikely to get back:


Stay in prayer and peace.


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